A new blog

While studying for finals in December, I was struck by the immediate need to start a blog RIGHT AWAY.  Taking procrastination to a personal new level.  I have no idea what I'm doing with this blog thing but hopefully I'll figure it out as I go along. At this point, I'm just talking to myself so it doesn't much matter.


The idea is two-fold: 1) to keep track of what I'm cooking, and, 2) to share some of the trials, tribulations and (hopefully) discoveries along the path of my relatively new journey being gluten and dairy free in order to make life with IBS (or whatever is wrong with me) more bearable.  I'm having to pretty much relearn how to cook and how to think about food and eating, and I live with a husband and two children who are not exactly gung ho about supporting me by following the same dietary restrictions. But I'm determined not to feel deprived (despite the fact that my favorite foods have always been bread and cheese), so I thought it would be fun to celebrate what I enjoy eating now by writing it down and taking pictures when I remember to do so.  Plus, a number of friends have been asking for some of my recipe adaptations.


I've also found some comfort and learned a fair bit reading about other people's experiences with IBS and other digestive woes.  What could be more fun than that??  Oh wait, I can think of lots of things, but that's not the point.  The point is that it feels less lonely when you can share the good and bad things in life.

A note about my recipes

I'm not an exacting cook.  My recipes are often just concepts or riffs on other recipes, loosely carried out. Most of the time they seem to work fine but I also flop splendidly at times. I tend not to use measuring cups and spoons, but I'm going to try to pay more attention to amounts that can be communicated in writing.  I also haven't evolved to the point of including total preparation times, number of servings and other such conventions of the world of recipes.  I'm new here. If I find that anyone actually ends up reading this blog and complains about my loosey-goosey attitude, I may have to change my ways. For now, take me as I am.

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