My "go to" list

Sometimes, the thought of finding something to eat that won't upset my system is just so daunting and disheartening that I skip meals completely, which does not square with my overall goal of being healthy, energetic and emotionally stable.  I have a list of easy "go to" foods for when I can't bear the thought of eating, but I know I have to. This list is derivative of an earlier version I came up with years ago for when I was depressed or just couldn't be bothered with eating.  Of course, that list was FULL of things I can't eat now, so here's my work-in-progress new list:

  1. Apple slices slathered with peanut butter
  2. A scrambled egg with gluten free toast, butter substitute and jam
  3. A baked potato topped with steamed (frozen) veggies, turkey bacon, butter substitute and Tofutti sour cream
  4. Corn thin or rice cake topped with avocado
  5. Rice pudding (made with soy milk)
  6. Frozen bananas put through the Cuisinart with some peanut butter cocoa powder (see for the inspiration and a great blog on veganism and sex)


What are your "go to" foods? What foods are quick and easy and are minimally upsetting to your system?

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