More post-op updates

It's Monday night and 7 days post-surgery.  Today was better after an awful weekend.

The pain that had led me to phone the surgeon's office on Friday only intensified on Saturday and Sunday.  I was in and out of the bathroom countless times, with agonizingly sharp gas pains and sputtering of shit-tainted blood clots.  I feared I was constipated and found, upon some careful, gloved & lubricated personal examination, that I was dealing with compacted bowels.  Ugh.  I guess the stool softener and tons of water were no match for the constipating effect of the Percocet on top of my fear of straining and ripping out stitches or otherwise damaging my newly sewn asshole.


I cannot articulate how painful this was for two days.  And it got to the point that two Percocet wouldn't even alleviate the pain but at least it put me to sleep.


It being a weekend and in the middle of a snowstorm to boot, I decided to take matters into my own hands (as someone who is stupidly wont to attempt self-surgery on cysts and other minor problems).  I ate a bunch of prunes, drank even more fluids, gave myself a Fleet's enema and even coaxed out the hardened stool by carefully inserting a finger into the minefield of surrounding stitches.  Ohmigodthathurt. 


The consequent voiding of my bowels elicited cries and groans and spasms and great fear, but I don't think I caused any permanent damage.  I followed with a Sitz bath with epsom salts.


Today was a great improvement.  I needed to observe a class at a nearby college so I didn't take any Percocet (I didn't want to be sleepy or impaired, plus I wasn't sure if my husband would be able to drive me).  I managed the day with only a few Advil, and was okay until 10pm, at which point I broke down and took the Percocet. The pain is concentrated at the surgical site, but I am also quite exhausted after my first active day (first day I left the house, actually, plus an evening of paper-writing).


I'm happy to report I was able to poop successfully this evening with only a modicum of pain. 


I am trying to follow a wise friend's suggestions about maintaining a boring diet of consistent simple foods. Pretty much grits and fruit for breakfast; basmati rice, chicken and well-cooked vegetables for lunch and dinner; supplementing with pro-biotics and fish oil; and taking homeopathic arnica montana.  Drinking lots of tea, coconut water and coconut milk. I also made a soup out of coconut milk, pureed butternut squash, raisins, basmati rice and a little vanilla and cardamom.  Tasty.

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